These are some of the objects you will use to program in the 6DX environment:

Map: A file created by a map editor (like Quark) wich is loaded and displayed by the 6DX engine.

Gridmap: A system for generating and displaying terrain in 6DX.

Entity: this is a "user entity" item that is put in the map. It has no meaning to 6dx, just a way for your mapper to communicate to your program that it needs to do something at that spot.

Model: The data for what an item looks like. By itself, it does nothing. If you want to see it, you have to attach it to an actor.

Actor: The animateable model-holder. Use this when you want to make a person or item. You need to attach models to it before it has any form.

Collider: Anything that can move through the universe. You can use it as-is, but most likely you will want to attach an actor or camera to it (so you can move them).

Trigger: An object associated with a process or action in the 3D environment. For instance clicking a trigger can make a door open.

SoundSys: A system for employing both WAV and MIDI sounds in 6DX.

Camera: Used to manage the views into the 3D environment.

GUI: a Graphic User Interface object