is the preffered 3D engine of AAA Multimedia,
 available for a number of platforms.
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        Special note  : Aztica.com has been inactive for some time, but source
                  and demos are still available through AAA Multimedia & SourceForge.

       These demos are not "game programming" examples. They are intended to
                  introduce features of the 6DX 3D engine and 6DX syntax as used in  Microsoft's Visual Basic 6 rapid application development environment.
                 Source code is included, requires VB6 and the 6DX engine to be fully functional.

Some major 6DX Objects defined


                                                                        "6DX VB6 Flight Demo"
     "VB6 6DX Extended Demo"                     special "entities" version lists all
                                                                                               entities returned from a map

6DX_VB6_Xdemo.zip                                                      6DX_VB6_Fly.zip
                    The READMEXD.TXT can be previewed here.                            Tthe READMEFD.TXT  can be previewed here.


VB6 6DX GUI Controls Lister                               VB6 Angles Demo
6DX_VB6_CONTROLS                                   VB6 Angles Demo
            The READMECL.TXT can be previewed here.                                    The READMECL.TXT can be previewed here.


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      Demos include VB6 source code, demos do NOT include the 6DX component,
 this should be aquired directly from the developer. Links available at AAA.