Our comedy app CO  ID or "Company Identification":
 simulates a search  of  CIA, FBI type data bases
on your Windows 7 phone.
 It's a Prank!
A joke based on the new paranoid reality of
homeland security and international crime.
( some times we laugh so we won't have to cry )

Who wants to be mistaken for an enemy of freedom?

Fool your friends or freak out your family with this
realistic ( but FAKE ) " finger print scanner "

RULE # 1 Never be mean, EVER !
We strongly suggest you never let any prank or joke go beyond funny.
Getting someone angry, upset or "worked up" isn't funny.
Be certain the subject of your humor will find it humorous also.

There IS a trick to operating this prank correctly !
Remember, just like in performing music or magic, comedy takes timing and practice makes perfect !
The secret is in knowing if the app is set to display the "innocent" or the "guilty" screen.

Here's how it works:

When the app starts you will see the word READY
Look closely for a PERIOD (circled in red below).

If you SEE the period the GUILTY screen will be displayed after the "finger-printing".
If you do
NOT SEE the period the INNOCENT screen will be displayed after the "finger-printing".

SECRETLY double tap the screen to TOGGLE between
GUILTY (see a period)
INNOCENT (don't see a period) !

When the trick is set to your liking (GUILTY or INNOCENT)
HOLD your finger on the screen for a moment.
You will briefly see the "print obtained" screen.

If there was NO PERIOD when the "finger print" was "captured" you will see

If there WAS A PERIOD when the "finger print" was "captured" you will see

Asking someone why they would have a wire tap warrant usually draws a blank stare :)

REMEMBER never take any joke TOO far !  The idea is to be FUNNY !

Touching the BACK BUTTON on your phone
will go to a screen explaining the joke

Tips, Techniques & Ideas:
A perfect prank for April Fools, don't forget to keep a straight face!

Tell mom or dad you found an app that shows background checks,

then simulate a clean record ... ( for YOU )

then double tap slickly and quickly, so they don't see you do it ! 

Hand the phone to them and ask "here, you want to try?"
no matter how many times they try it, they will be GUILTY !

If they hand the phone back to you simply do the "secret double tap" before you "take a fingerprint" to get an INNOCENT screen every time YOU do it.


You can reverse the situation to make them think,

if only for a second, that you have a record.

Think how happy they will be when they realize it's just a joke.


Have a friend that believes in conspiracy theory? 
 This app will get them every time...

Tell your friend you "heard about an app that allows people to do
background checks through fingerprints".

Maybe mention "the airports might be using this on suspicious characters...".

Let them do a "scan" and watch as they have a fit of vindication
mixed with a few "told you so" remarks,

Don't forget to let them know it's a joke, maybe they will lighten up a little !


Remember to practice for a SMOOTH delivery !

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