Battlestar Galactica - Colonial Warrior

Welcome to everyone who would like to participate in testing the game!


 Please understand this is a alpha release.
 This means the game is incomplete and occasionally buggy.
 I believe the game to be perfectly safe and have no reports of problems,
 but  there is no warranty of any kind.

 When upgrading it is best to uninstall older versions before installing a new one.

Please register and join the CW forum at AAA Multimedia your comments and suggestions are valued.

Colonial Warrior Alpha 1.0 setup
Colonial Warrior Alpha 1.1 setup
Colonial Warrior Alpha 1.2 setup
Colonial Warrior Alpha 1.4.172 setup
Colonial Warrior Alpha 1.5.343 setup
Colonial Warrior Alpha 1.5.345 setup
Colonial Warrior 1.7.777 Alpha setup

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Colonial Warrior 1.7.800 Alpha setup @
 (NOW approximately 26 megs)
Windows 98+  &  DirectX 9b+  &  Most recent video driver


Current CW Bug/Suggestion List

 In basic training mode (i.e. ground mode operations) there should be a target reticule for where the laser pistol is aimed.

I saw no mention of time in the scenario opener. I think the opener needs to mention this.

Addition of a user visible clock and point (score/hit) counter would also enhance game play.

a shuttle had no Turbo lasers, this should be eliminated to approximate more the training atmosphere / environment.

The keyboard commands to find enemy, find base ship or find friendly ship did not work (shuttle mode).
please test in other than shuttle mode

There should be a visual prompt on either the warriors ship console or Physically on the star field or HUD to let the pilot know whether to turn left, right , up or down to find the desired vessel.
The radar is MUCH improved and still follows the basic BSG format.

There should be some kind of auto pilot feature for pilots who have lost control, auto pilot / auto stabilizer

When a pilot lands manually, there should be some way for the pilot to tell the computer to re-arm, refuel or just let him out
I think this works on mission 3 & 4 (K)ill Engines

I dove head on into the Galactica and went through her, this should be changed to crash and burn the pilots vessel.

Differentiate between brushing and bouncing off versus a head on nosedive which should result in a crash and burn.

damage model with variable damage

need mouse sensativity settings

add capital ship defensive weapons

reversible mouse controls

cheat mode option

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