Desert Rats the FIRST CIVIL WAR

Game Image DRCW1

Direct Download Here

CONTROL KEYS: V = cockpit View * B = Beam weapon * M = launch Missile * SPACE = jump * ESC = main menu * UP = forward * DOWN = backward

This game is intended as a lighthearted tribute to the fine pilots who were gloriously victorious in the Mech Warrior Online meta-game

'The First House Marik Civil War'.

Congratulations to the DRs and their many allies and comrades! You are invited to visit the DRs via the in game link,

where YOU can join the fun. A direct link to House Marik is available from our main menu.

Press F11 to hide your browsers menu bar and experience 'full screen' browsing.

The game has been converted to a stand alone version for two reasons. Firstly, The game took too long to download repeatedly, every time you wanted to play on the browser version. Secondly, the scoreboard system introduced a possible security risk on my web site, since the web player should have it's own URL, but didn't. Sorry for any inconvenience and don't worry... any security risk was mine, it was totally unable to affect you in any way.