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Auction-Aid eBrowser (price $14.95)

FAST eBay Searches!
Watch auctions by the dozens QUICKLY and EASILY!


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Auction-Aid is designed for one thing only... to help you monitor eBay auctions! It is a quick-n-dirty version of an internet browser, but it's interface and functionality are focused on allowing you to quickly store and retrieve both searches and actual auction pages. eBay regulars will know how limited the "My eBay" features are in regard to "favorite searches" and "auction watches". Auction-Aid's eBrowser eliminates the restrictions that "My eBay" imposes. No longer are you restricted to a mere fifteen searches... or to the minimal twenty auction watches, that "My eBay" allows! In truth we haven't yet discovered the maximum number of searches and watches allowed by our program... it's a LOT! We suspect that you will be able to enter every search you want and monitor every auction you are interested in! If anyone ever hits the limit we will let you know!

The Auction-Aid interface is simple and to the point. There are several menu/options located at the top of the screen once the program is running.

Favorite Searches:
When you click this menu button you will see a movable window appear. This window contains the search controls. From this window you can: Do Search, refresh, Add a Search and Remove a Search and with our latest version set an alarm to remind you when an auction is about to close. The functions are fairly obvious. The important factor here is that you can enter any characters you desire into your searches... i.e. + (plus) -(minus) "(quotation mark) or any alpha-numeric character needed to describe your search.

Items Watch:
Clicking on this button reveals the item watch controls. These controls are similar to the "Favorite Searches" window's. To add a watch to the list you must navigate to the page in question (a current eBay auction page) and then click the "Add an Item" button.

These buttons work in the same way as other browser's as an aid to navigation.

Auto Sign In:
This button will navigate to the eBay login page and enter your username and password for you! To use this feature you must first configure your eBrowser with the "Configure Account" button. (see below)

New Auctions and Category Listings:
These simply take you to the eBay page where new auctions are entered and where categories are easily accessed.

Backup and Restore Data:
Clicking backup will create a copy of your searches and watches on your hard drive. Clicking restore will REPLACE any items currently in your searches and watches with the backed up versions of these files. SO BE CAREFUL with these!

Configure Account:
Use this to enter your eBay username and password. This allows Auction-Aid eBrowser to log you into eBay automatically!

Time Sync:
Use this feature to get eBay's official time. (Sorry the syncronize feature only works properly for those in eBay's time zone.)

That's one of the ways you can get HERE!

Simple copyright notices, tips, version number and author information.


By clicking the Do Search button you can quickly go from one seach to the next,
even from pages without the eBay search blank!
Options selected on eBay (such as price restrictions or sort order)
remain in effect during your searches.
Feel free to use eBay's search engine "operators" to enhance your searches!

Remember! to add a new watch you MUST be on an eBay item page!
Then simply click the add item button. You can view items in order very quickly, without moving back to My eBay!.

(items are sorted by date ALPHABETICALLY, WATCH OUT FOR NEW MONTHS!)
[as in April comes before January!]

Windows 9X pc based operating system
Windows compatible standard mouse (sorry no "wheel" support at present)
Internet connection
Ebay Account

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