I chose to do this film early in my career because I knew I could.  When I read the story I thought it was a very interesting Science Fiction piece because it focuses so much on the human element.  I also found the technology involved to be not only plausible but also probable.  Although it might be Science Fiction at the moment, in the relatively near future it could represent a reality for many people.  This along with the fact that it had enough potential to be shot on a shoestring budget made this the perfect endeavor for me.  I was able to showcase my actor’s talents, stick to the truth of the story, stay under budget, ahead of schedule and enjoy the process all at the same time.  Making this film was truly a life changing experience for me.  I learned that preparation increases your ability and understanding in any situation.  I believe preparing our minds for possible  and especially probable events through story—is the purpose of Science Fiction.  I can only hope I accomplished this and influenced, even if just a few, people to stop and think about it for a moment.  Because really, what would you do?  Forever…might be sooner than you think.


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