We apologise, but due to the practices of spammers and miners
 we have been forced to remove direct links to our email.
You can see the address below, but it is
NOT a link.
Simply type this address into the recipient feild of your email program.

This instructional page will also show you how to send
 us the URL of an item/picture about wich you have a question!

1. Locate the item's picture and while pointing to that picture, RIGHT CLICK your mouse. You will then see a dialog box ( like below ) that allows you to select PROPERTIES... do so by clicking that option on the dialog box ( circled below in red ).

2. Find and HIGHLIGHT the address(URL) in the dialog box wich appears next (see below circled in red ). To highlight LEFT CLICK your mouse button while pointing to the URL, then WHILE HOLDING THE LEFT MOUSE BUTTON DOWN, drag your pointer across the URL's text.

3. Once the URL is highlighted, you can RIGHT CLICK while pointing to the highlighted text, to open another dialog box wich allows the COPY command to be selected. Doing so places a copy of the URL on your computer's CLIPBOARD.


Once the URL is on your CLIPBOARD, you can paste this information directly into any e-mail you may be sending us. This allows us to quickly identify any item you may want information about and will speed up our reply process greatly!
You can even practice on the pictures on this page!

It may look complicated at first, but it is only a few clicks and will be most helpful!!!