"In the new millennium, I want to teach you of truth..."

church of manifest reality

Endeavor to understand the true nature of God by investigating openly with consideration of all available data, the reality of our universe manifest and constant, the function, history and effect of religious influence, and the free expression of human existence.

The universe is a living entity responsible for our existence.
The image of God is manifest in sentience.
Every form of slavery is inherently and diametrically opposed to the concept of free will.

Note these precepts which define our nature.
Free will represents manifest sentience and our resemblance to our creator.
Mathematics represents our link to the language of God.
God IS the sentient universe in wich we reside.

Join! there are NO requirements but an open heart and mind.


"...Not only is consciousness a universal property of matter, it is the primary property of matter. In fact, itís the other way around, matter is a property of consciousness! ...Meaning cannot be communicated to you through an intermediate. You've got to experience it directly, the most others can do is give you clues about what meaning and truth will look like so that you can recognize them. If anyone promises you more, steer clear. They want you to trust them instead of trusting your own nature."
The Meaning of Life