I am the founder of HEP and believe in the precepts proffered. I hope you will give serious consideration to the goals you have both personally and for your future generations.

 I Montie Taylor Miles III having been born inside the boundaries of the United States of America, do willfully disavow association with and allegiance to the federal government of this nation so long as it practices unconstitutional behavior (example: search for "Waco Davidian") and until such time as a legal and constitutional government is in place. I hold dear the Constitution of the United States of America, it's precepts and assertions (less any "ammendments" enslaving citezens or restricting their rights and freedoms) and will not submit to perversions of it's intent.

The citizens of this country ARE this country, the government is not empowered, the people are. Do not accept doctrine and propaganda blindly, but seek the truth in all matters.

M. T. Miles III