A brief explanation of the CMR image of God:

Imagine, if you will, the minute chemo-electric impulses traveling through your brain at this very moment. They are minuscule charges of electricity, flowing across synaptic tissues and spontaneously manifesting your personality and conscience mind.

Now imagine our universe. The billions of stars that comprise the countless galaxies. Imagine the infinite energies that flow across the fabric of space time. Emerging from the heart of pulsars and black holes, from within nebulae and bursting from the heart of galaxies in patterns so complex it defies imagination.

If our tiny brains manifest a human mind, capable of the wonders we create, then what form of intelligence might the boundless energies of our universe manifest?

CMR believes this universal intelligence is evidenced by the order exhibited in our existence. Mathematicians are convinced a forced termed "chaos" is evident in the universe and include this factor in equations designed to simulate reality. CMR maintains that an equal and opposite force exist that we will term "life". This organizational force is the manifest proof of Godmind at work.

The universe brought you forth and created all life. The stars are our ancestors as surely as our progeny will see us as their ancestors, no matter how they may look or live. The threshold of life as we know it, encompasses only the tiniest fraction of life as it exists, and will exist.