An International Political Party for the Advancement of the Human Race.

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Human Expansionist Party

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Federal/National Income Taxes
Taxation without representation has long been recognized as an immoral act. In my case, I decided long ago to "fire" the government who proclaimed to be "mine". The immoral actions of this institution should be condemned by any rational being. I fully expect to become a political prisoner of "my" government some day, for my failure to subsidize their activities. Thus this public declaration of independence.

I urge each individual, of every nation on earth, to consider carefully the actions of your respective governments. If you can identify human rights violations, taxation without representation, military force employed against citizens or any other atrocity, I appeal to your sense of propriety, disavow these criminals and stand for something. Read with scrutiny and learn to recognize propaganda in all it's forms. Resist conditioning and "social pressures" to do what you know is wrong. Consider alternatives to nationalism. The very idea is based in a prehistoric "reality" that says "there isn't enough for everyone". This need not be true. Human endeavor can change this "reality" if our energies are diverted from pointless social aggression and competition. Only the citenzry of Earth hold the power to make this change.

Join me in claiming citizenship first and foremost to planet Earth and it's residents. Lend your allegiance only to works designed to benefit all humanity. Consider the benefits of a truly global economy, designed to move to an interplanetary economy. The future is ours to build.

New Directions
Technological development targeted toward specific scientifically designated technologies. Double talk? No. Energies expended are currently profit motivated. Technologies could be developed that would end human dependence on corporate/industrial/governmental entities. Atomic replication, Energy Collection Technologies and Space Safe Habitats/Transportation are the priorities.

Increase your level of technological education. Seek employment in industries targeting "far-seeing" objectives.

Universal Spirituality
A new consciousness is required. Humanity must once again grow. An embracing of philosophical truth must be integrated with scientific truth, as only one "TRUTH" can exist. Know that truth can be perceived from many perspectives.

Seek UNDERSTANDING. Do not believe anything blindly, rather learn to investigate and view all sources critically.

A very few technological advancements could completely destroy economics as Humanity now understands the concept. Why not be prepared? Self reliance and decentralization is the only answer. Technologies that empower the individual represent the "markets" of the future. However, new concepts of "payment and commerce" will be required if our "disposable" technologies are abandoned.

Investigate technologies that remove the "middle man" and empower you to function independantly.

Open Frontiers
The Expansionist part: Space invites Humanity to explore and exploit. It is our nature. It is our destiny. It is our future. Space exploration, colonization and exploitation should be the single greatest economic / industrial priority on Earth.

Investigate "near Earth space" for possible benefits. Use all sources available to correlate known data into useful hypothesis for possible exploitation.

Human Rights
One of the many human rights that have been neglected in the face of unbridled greed are the Squatter's Rights. Once this right is acknowledged, space settlement will be underway in force.

Consider your current life style as a passing phase and devise an alternative based on a need for utter self reliance.

Contact with Advanced Societies
If contact with any advanced society occurs the existence of human society will be inevitably changed. Our society will incorporate every "attractive" or "beneficial" aspect of that advanced society it can. High technology may eventually lead to genetic "mixing" and eventual loss of a purely human species. The possibilities for radical change are beyond the average persons ability to believe in. Potentially the rate of change could be so violent that the human species could be "unrecognizable" within a single generation. Only those that adapt to these changes will survive them.

Try to incorporate every possability you can imagine into your view of the future... attempt to be aware you will underestimate the gegree of change you will encounter there.

An Inevitable conclusion?
Of course there are no inevitable conclusions, this in fact, IS THE POINT! We the peoples of the Earth hold the power to create an expansive future or one where mankind stagnates and regresses. People exhibit a reluctance to embrace change. Nations and even corporate "entities" also avoid change as a matter of policy. I say to you, that the ability of man to adapt to rapidly changing conditions and environments, is the single attribute that made us the dominate life forms on planet Earth. To fail to exploit this natural advantage is to follow the path of the Roman Empire... a slow death of decay and atrophy. A basic philosophical divergence is required, one where frontiers represent challenges to tackle, not obstacles to avoid.

Be as open to change as you can. This is the toughest and most productive activity we could encourage.

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