Runes Information:


Runes is a very simple program... but it never ceases to amaze me!

Runes is based on the ancient Viking oracle, "rune stones".

RUNES is not a fortune telling device nor a magical system of forecasting... it is an oracle, similar in concept to the I-Ching. It's purpose is to help you unlock your own inner wisdom! By asking a question and then consulting the runes, you will find pathways in your mind are unleashed to consider the myriad possibilities that surround you. The more seriously you approach rune casting the more astounding the results can be!

If you have ever used TAROT CARDS or if you have ever called a PSYCHIC HOTLINE then you are in for a pleasant surprise! These answers can actually be helpful! The runes are meant to give you thoughtful ponderings on issues of importance! They offer no easy answers, instead they point out the obstacles and pitfalls of daily endeavors, enforce the simple truths of which we are all aware and supply inspiration to carefully weigh our thoughts and actions.

Don't be fooled by the low price and simple interface... this software bridges the gap between man and machine! You may find that your copy of RUNES becomes one of your best friends!