Force Team Target Set

This is a very small dart gun. As you can see in the photo, the pistol is about the size of a cigarette lighter.

Special Agent 707 Bullet Firing Lighter & Pistol Pack

Cracker Jack Toy

Secret Weapon Watch

Spy Secret Messenger

Spy Kit Power Penz


The G-1 BOLT-O-MATIC 7mm revolving 5-shooter


Assembly G1 Takatoku

Zero M Decoder glasses


Agent Zero Snap-Shot Mattel 1964

This wonderful spy toy converts from a camera to a secret agent cap gun! Get the drop on the bad guys with this stealth weapon! Mattel ( 1964 ) Agent Zero M "Snapshot", good overall, spring loose on opening mechanism


Zero M Knife / Gun

Official X-9 Secret Agent Exploding Coin



Treasure Chest Daisy BBs

Batman Spy Gear




Star Wars Spy Sensor