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Welcome to The GALACTIC TOYBOX, a collector's heaven! We supply vintage antique collectable toys and figures by MARX, MATTEL, IDEAL, DELUXE READING CORPORATION, MEGO, WHAM-O, GALOOB, BANDAI and many other earth based toymakers. Our goal is to supply these items not only to the expert collector, but to the casual collector, usually not in MINT condition for storage, but in good condition TO BE PLAYED WITH AND DISPLAYED. Our inventory changes quickly so bookmark this page and visit frequently to find that special memorabilia or nostalgic toy. Major Matt Mason, Mike Hazard, Zeroids, Johnny Seven, action figures and playsets are our way of life. If you don't see what you are looking for, PLEASE ASK, we have extensive resources for locating and acquiring vintage toys! Lori, Jennifer & I (Montie) hope we can help you.

Vintage Toys ~ We have a large on-line selection complete with pictures, so you can order that really cool piece you wanted for SOOOO LONG!.

Individual Toy Search ~ Find that CERTAIN toy with our locating services. If you can't seem to find that rare toy you crave, JUST ASK! We can search the world over for exactly what you desire.

Internet Consignment Placements ~ Do you have a special collectable you would like to sell? We offer consignment services that will allow you to display your item to the internet community. Why place your item in a local shop or newspaper, when the entire world shops the internet!

Parts and Accessories ~ So many little pieces it will make your head spin... but when you see that one piece that completes your rare collectable, you'll know why we did it!

IMPORTANT NOTICES: All descriptions and information are supplied in an honest effort to inform our customers. It is true and correct to the best of our knowledge. We do NOT represent it as "official information" and therefore accept no liability for it's correctness or educational value. This information often regards vintage or out-of-production products and represents only an opinion based on written materials or hear-say on the subject at hand. Items seen on these pages are vintage used items offered for the collector, NOT new items, unless expressly stated in the item's description. Toys are often in "played with" condition and many have minor repairs or reconditioning. Items are sold as is, no refunds or exchanges. We attempt to keep our web site current, but on occasion you may see an item that has been sold. We apologize for any confusion, but many of our items are "one of a kind" or "one available" and items can move quickly.

If you find a broken link or if you can supply missing information or can correct an error in our descriptions, we urge you to email  the information to us! This not only helps other toy shoppers, but adds to the information pool available on the internet.

Special Note: Our site is CONSTANTLY CHANGING, so please forgive any confusion as we modify our on-line catalog. New items are being added and recatagorized on a continuous basis. Since our items are often unique, we sometimes briefly list an item that has been recently sold and is thus unavailable.



1960 - Mr. Machine, Aurora Slot Cars, Etch A Sketch, Give A Show Projector, Game of Life, Flying Fox, Jimmy Jet, Astro Base, Firebird '99, Fascination Maze Game, Project Yankee Doodle Rocket Launch Center, Fighter Jet, Fast Draw Target

1961- Rockem Sockem Robots, Monkey Division Toys, Crashmobile, Great Garloo, Toon A Vision, Lie Detector, Little Red Spinning Wheel, Remco Frogman, Johnny Reb Cannon, Robot Commando, Roy Rogers Quick Shooter Hat, Buttons the Pup, Blaze The Galloping Horse

1962 - Lego Building Sets, King Zor, Barracuda Sub, Big Loo Robot, Fascination, Haunted House Game, Showboat, Odd Ogg, Fred Flintstone on Dino,

1963 - Monster Craze, Aurora Plastic Models, Rat Fink & Weird-Ohs, Booby Trap, Mousetrap, Dandy The Lion, Bowl A Matic, Gaylord the Dog, Battlewagon, Phantom Raider, Clancy the Great Chimpanzee, Sky Diver Jet Plane

1964 - GI Joe, Agent Zero-M, Johnny West, Johnny Seven O.M.A. Gun, Easy Bake Oven, Thingmaker Sets, Hamilton Invaders, Beatles Craze, Crazy Clock, Thimble City - magnetic playset

1965 - Spy Craze, Man From U.N.C.L.E., 007 Attache, Time Bomb, Superball, Tip-It, Fish Bait Game, Hands Down, Green Ghost, Operation, Secret Sam Attache, Six Finger Gun, Battleship, Spys A Poppin, Show N' Tell Record Player

1966 - Batman Craze, Silly Sand, Silly Safari, Fuzzy Wuzzy Soap, Mystery Date, Kaboom, Tiger Island, Snakes Alive, Twister, TV Jones

1967 - Major Matt Mason, Monkees Craze, Slap Trap, Feeley Meeley, Kerplunk, Slapstick, Mrs. Beasley

1968 - Zeroid Robots, Billy Blastoff, Johnny Astro, Game of Risk, The Big Sneeze, Camp Grenada, Getaway Chase Game, Toot Sweet Candy Machine, Suzy Homemaker, Battling Tops

1969 - Johnny Lightning, Hot Wheels, Kooky Carnival, Limbo Legs, Marblehead, Wizzer Tops, Frustration Ball, Astrolite.

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