1.6 meg (requires Win95 and mouse)

Trekker1 is a simple shoot'em up game... or is it so simple?


[Under Construction] COMING FEBRUARY 98!

Trekker 2

Explore the unknown!

Welcome Captain. You are about to go where no one has been before! Your skills as a federation officer are about to be tested. This command simulator has the spirit and scope that true Trekkers crave. Never the same twice. If you are a Trekker this game is for YOU.

Key Benefits

[Bullet] New "galaxy" generated for each game
[Bullet] Test your command abilities
[Bullet] Windows based game with great graphics

Pricing & Availability:

[Under Construction]


DESCRIPTION                     NAME           PRICE    
TREKKER Command Simulator    $15.00    shareware 


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