Here are some pics of the Topper Toys Secret Sam Attache.
Just a picture of the whole set.
Here we overlit the top so you can see every scratch and scuff... the whiteness is glare.
Here is the full set of bullets.
You can see the "message missile" it's missing it's cover. The Styrofoam is in good shape.
One of the two "sights" for the camera is missing.
All the tabs and connections for the gun are present and work well.
Handle and "locking tabs" in great shape in the top 3 circles here..
This shows (clockwise from 12 high, bottom 5 circles)
1)  the external firing button that allows the gun to shoot from within the case.
2) unbroken mirror in the "periscope" attachment.
3) good tip and chrome on gun
4) VERY RARE working silencer tab (makes gun fire "silent", these are almost always missing or broken)
5) good locking tabs on case
The scuffs, missing "camera sight" and lost "message missile cover" are the only defects we have found. The set originally came with a paper cover with graphics wrapped around the case that is not present.