Various Cool ROBOTS

Nova's Ark Taspett & Sparky II Robot Creation Set 1999 Callaway $40 USD

Nova's Ark Nova & Sparky Deluxe Robot Creation Set 1999 Callaway $60 USD

Commandobot Voice Recognition Robot w/ Box 

No Reserve! A very cool robot that you can communicate with up tp 75 feet away on the Walkie Talkie. Responds to 18 system activated commands. Also can be used as a spy unit and your alarm for intruders. A very cool robot that has great lights and sound. Stands at well over 20" tall. Commandobot seems to be in great shape, works well, box is a little rough.  Fun Toys for any age! Would make a great gift or add to a Robot Collection!

Robie Junior Radio Shack
Valued at $180

Star Wars Remote Control R2D2
Valued at $120

Valued at $35

Valued at $180

Valued at $45

Lost in Space Remote Control B9 Robot
Valued at $225

This little robot is awesome! He is fully programmable and cute as a bug. His panel allows complete control, and his bumper alert him to collisions. He moves, steers, flashes and plays music, all on command. M.P.R.V. Mobile Programmable APOLLO 7

Apollo 7 Programmable Robot
Valued at $100

Valued at $35


TOMY Robot

Valued at $10